New Jersey Ignition Interlock Device

An Ignition Interlock Device is a breath alcohol analysis device that is installed on the steering column of your motor vehicle. The Ignition Interlock Device prevents an alcohol-impaired person from starting the motor vehicle by requiring the driver to blow into the device prior to the vehicle starting. If the driver’s blood alcohol level (BAC) is above a certain level, the car will not start.

If the court sentences you to get an interlock device, you will receive a notice of suspension from Motor Vehicle Commission with instructions on how to obtain the device. An approved and licensed manufacturer must install the ignition interlock device. Ignition interlock manufacturers have installation locations throughout New Jersey. When selecting an ignition interlock provider, consider the installation and monitoring fees and installation center site convenience. Click here for interlock FAQs.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has a list of approved ignition interlock manufacturers who are authorized to install interlock devices.

Failure to have court-ordered ignition interlock device installed could result in an additional one-year suspension of your driving privileges.